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Near the start of 2010, I developed an ear training app for J2ME phones because I wanted to practise ear training on the bus! I called it Interval Recognition - but if I'd known the name would last for so many years, I might have chosen something a bit more catchy! The app included intervals up to an octave (ascending / descending / harmonic) and options for instrument / volume / BPM. It used General MIDI sounds - which didn't sound great - but the app achieved its aim.

Soon after, I purchased an Android phone and decided to port Interval Recognition to Android and released it towards the end of 2010. I thought I would need to look for another project, but instead, I began receiving reviews and feature requests; so I continued adding new Techniques and options. These icnluded Phrases / Scales / Chords / Tuning / Continuous Play / many options and sampled audio. Over time, I even received (and accepted) offers of help to translate it!

But I sometimes found I couldn't share Interval Recognition with people, because they didn't have an Android device - so I have begun developing a web based version which can be used on most devices including Windows / Mac / IOS / ChromeOS and Android.

I aim to include all the features from the Android version but also make some improvements - especially to the User Interface - ie how it looks and how it is organised. These improvements come partly from the benefit of hindsight - but also from a desire to make something that is not just very functional; but also, aesthetically pleasing.

Ear training in a web browser

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Change Log

Most updates for will have a video in this YouTube playlist - demonstrating and explaining the new features and changes.