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About me
This website contains various hardware and software projects - mostly relating to music education and accessibility. This website (and most of those projects) are developed by me, as an individual; in my spare time.

I welcome comments and suggestions - it is encouraging to hear from people using my apps / website - thank you. If you choose to contact me, I will try to reply in a timely manner. I will most likely contact you again some time later when I have released an update (to address your question) or to let you know about progress relating to your original question.

I will not pass your details on to anyone else or use them for any other purpose than to reply to you directly.

I may:
  • Discuss aspects of your enquiry (not you, just your enquiry) with other individuals / organisations.
  • Publish aspects of your enquiry (again, not you, just your enquiry) - for example as part of a Frequently Asked Questions page.
  • Suggest other individuals / organisations / software that might be able to assist with your enquiry. I do not recieve any financial benefit from this - I am simply trying to be helpful.

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This website uses Google Analytics to give an idea of how many visitors it has / how long they use it for / what pages they view etc.

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This website uses Google Search Console to give an idea of how it appears in searches on Google.

This website uses the following cookies:
  • '_PHPSESSID' - used by the Guitar Chord Drawing page to maintain state (ie each change builds upon the last as opposed to resetting). Also used on other pages for error handling.