Unicycle Wars - Episode I: A New Hop(e)!

Thanks to The Union Of UK Unicyclists for encouraging people to make unicycle videos during lockdown.

One of the scenes we filmed at Brightlingsea Unicycle Club was a sword fight / lightsaber duel.

I decided to learn some VFX and made it look a little more realistic!

Thanks to:
  • @FXHome - for creating HitFilm Express - great VFX / video editing software.
  • @FXHome and James Tubbritt (Sharp) - for sound effects.
  • @FilmSensei, Hitfilm University, @raqib_zaman and @shiny_films - for some great tutorials.
  • George Lucas (and everyone else involved) for creating Star Wars.
  • John Williams (and everyone else involved) for creating the music.