Augmented Reality MIDI singing snowman for IOS / iPadOS

In late 2019, I decided to upgrade my MIDI triggered animations and port it to my iPad. I had a Yamaha MDBT01 (MIDI bluetooth adaptor) which worked well with my iPad - this would be a far simpler setup compared to my previous version with an Arduino, and Android device and Windows device!

Thanks to Code with Chris for a great video teaching me the basics of XCode and IOS development. I was playing with the IKEA Place App and decided I would use Augmented Reality too!

I am very impressed with Apple's Reality Kit and Reality Composer - it handles finding a anchor in the real world (in this case a flat surface) and placing virtual objects into the scene - along with physics. It also has features I didn't investigate particularly, such as network synchronisation so multiple devices can interact with the same scene!

I found an example of receiving MIDI bytes using Core MIDI - thanks Matt Grippaldi - and adapted this to parse the received bytes and look for and respond to Note On messages.

Thanks to - for the snowman 3d model. I didn't have time to learn Blender and create animations for the snowman (or proper snowflakes) - so I duplicated the snowman and slightly altered the texture image to create the singing effect! Also, thanks for converting the Blender file to USDZ.